Link to Powerpoint presentation  on the April 8, 2024 total eclipse of the sun describing how solar eclipses on Earth came to be, the extraordinary visual and sensory experiences encountered during totality, how to pick the best site in the world, and the best site within striking distance of Brandeis.




Lab dinner at Brewers Tap and Table

Date: 06.15.2023

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Date: 06.12.2023

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Date: 05.26.2023

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Katsu Nishiyama


Date: 04/24/2023

pdf: Space-Age MagusNYRB, November 3, 2022.


My reply to Gleick's question (Small Victories) was printed in the New York Review.


























pdf: Small Victories. Letters to the Editor, New York Review of Books, December 22, 2022.




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Michael Stehnach

Trapping virus in a shell

Nature Methods volume 18page857 (2021)

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87th New England Complex Fluids workshop to be hosted by Brandeis University on Sep 24, 2021.



Further details will be updated.


Hollow nano-objects made of DNA could trap viruses and render them harmless









The virus trap: Hollow nano-objects made of DNA could trap viruses and render them harmless

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Researchers engulf and neutralize viruses with nano-capsules tailored from genetic material using the DNA origami method. The strategy has already been tested against hepatitis and adeno-associated viruses in cell cultures. It may also prove successful against corona viruses.


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on DNA Origami.



Congratulations to our new PhDs:

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  • Dr. Ian Hunter
  • Dr. S. Ali Aghvami




A talk on BPPB seminar - Seth Fraden


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  • Seth and Irv were interviewed by RadioBoston on WBUR (Boston's NPR news station). Listen  here.