Directions to the Fraden Lab


Use this google maps link to drive to the Science Visitor parking lot at Brandeis University. Walk along the virtual "yellow brick road" across the desolate "Red Square" to the obscure, unmarked back entrance to the Physics Building, located just below the label "Brandeis Abelson Physics Building" on the Google map above. The Physics Building is identified by the astronomy dome on the roof.  Turn left to my office after you pass through the doorway. If you are going to legally park in the Science Visitor lot, stop at the entrance booth (L22 in campus map below) and ask for a permit, but I recommend to park illegally and in case you do get a parking ticket, give it to us. Please feel free to also park in the location marked "More parking" in the bottom of the photo. Notice the direction North in this photo.


The map below indicates how to walk to the Physics Building from the MBTA train stop, or from anywhere on campus.



Official directions from Brandeis for getting to campus.


The MBTA commuter train to Brandeis from Boston and Cambridge is infrequent, but fast. The train route is the Fitchburg line, which starts at North Station in Boston and stops at Porter Square in Cambridge on its way to Brandeis. The Fitchburg train is distinct from the "T", but connects (navigation skills required) to the Red Line at Porter Square and the Green Line at North Station. From the Brandeis/Roberts stop, walk to the Physics Department following the map above.