Fraden Group


We study a broad range of topics in Soft Matter utilizing a variety of methods spanning experiment, theory, and simulation. Current research thrusts are in active matter, non-linear chemical dynamics & chemical networks, chemomechanics & soft robotics, protein crystallization, microfluidics and DNA origami. As our research interests lie at the intersection of physics, chemistry, biology, materials science and engineering, we are interdisciplinary, but as these projects are large and challenging, we collaborate in multi-investigator projects.


Brandeis Bioinspired Soft Materials MRSEC and other researchers featured on PBS Newshour.

NSF's Science Nation Miles O'Brien features the Bioinspired Soft Materials MRSEC

Congratulations Achini and Mike!

Congratulations Thomas, Mike and Vardges for being selected for the cover of LoC and as a HOT article (articles are classified as ‘HOT’ due to receiving particularly high scores at peer review), and for being highlighted by the US Army.

Experiments and simulations from the lab.